Altering Minds 22/9/12

22.09.12 – Altering Minds


The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind – WILLIAM JAMES


This seems so obvious and yet many of us think we might like to alter our lives for what we consider better but cannot because we are hampered by time, money, health, etc etc But imagine you have two kids leaving school; both broke and both equally educated. Imagine that one has been born into a well to do family that has a beautiful home but no cash to speak of and the other has been born into a lower class family on the other end of town into a modest house and again no cash to speak of. It is highly likely that one way or another (and without intervention from the parents) the ‘rich’ one will end up with a similar lifestyle somewhere. They would not be looking to rent in the poorer part of town no matter how bad their finances. They expect to live in similar circumstances to how they grew up and will likely do so. Their attitude of mind knows what it will and won’t accept and therefore what they must do to stay in their comfort zone. It does not even register as a possibility that they will move to the dodgy end of town. Now the other person was perfectly content in the dodgy part of town and no matter how well they do, they may decide that they would not be comfortable among the rich and ‘hoity toity’. The irony here is that neither may have more income than the other but their lives are quite different because of their attitude of mind. The guy next door in the dodgy end of town may decide he wants to be rich and famous and take off to try his luck in LA. His attitude of mind invited a very altered life to either of them.


The only thing that sets anyone apart is their attitude of mind. Compare the tribes in Africa with the hordes in New York.


Key to altering your life is awareness of your state of mind in the first place.


Actually this aawareness is also key. Aware that you even have a ‘State of mind’ and moods and that we have created those moods with out thought.


I could wake up tomorrow feeling buoyed by a beautiful day and end up doing my tax return, clearing out the shed, and composeing a syymphone. You might stay by the end of the day that I have changed my life. my attitude of mind was one of confidencem, that i could do all those things and a willingness to try. i may never have attempted those before but by tee very attept, my life has altered. i would feel content, satisfied and more organised and creative. i could wake up tomorrow feeling tired and down for no reason and my day would certainly go differently. i may stay in bed all day and at the end i owuld feel useless, lazy and miserable. i would have altered my life considerably in the space of one day. so imagine what you would do with a lifetime of being aware of your state of mind and using it to your advatage.


so to alter our lives for our good, we first need to be aware of our state of mind (hmm i am feeling very negative today and evrything i say is defeatist – or 0 it is great to be alive 0 there is so much i want to do). next we need to notice what may trigger these moods once we have recognised them as it’s better to avoid them in the first place. period time can mean ignoring anything in your mind and not making any decision until that time has passed. if a bad mood has snuck up on us but we become aware of it, we can do what is takes to alleviate it. in my case, reading a non fiction book will often help or anyt distraction where i have to use my mind and preferably feel clever by trying something new, will do the trick. for other it’s patting a dog or cuddling a baby. whateve works is good.


I would say the main ingredient for fulfilling dreams and altering one’s life to exactly how they want it is confidence. It sets people apart in a huge way. I am sure there are smarter people in the world than Richard Branson and better singers than Madonna who are broke and wish dealy to change their lives. Confidence really is key – the feeling and belief that you really can do anything. Even if you can’t, you can change your life. ‘Nothing has to change for you to be happy’ says Anyjny Robbins. He means no aspect of your life needs achange and yet you can change our mood if you become aware.


the confidence part is somewhat harder. it would be great if we all had fantastic arents who bolstered our self esteem and gave us inner voices that said ‘ go for it, you can do it, here are examples of all the amazing things you have already done so far. but many of us do not. we need to tell ourselves these things – keep notes of achievements, not downplay our strengths just because doing something came so easily to us that we assume everyone else could do it. i would also recommend if you are prone to depression or long periods of feeling flat, that wehn you are feeling great, you write out why. it’s a simple thing and seems silly and obvious but it is not when you are next feeling down. it’s great to read it and realise you will be up again/ ‘this too shall pass” and modes will cycle like everything in life. you may get some tips for getting yourself our of your mood also. you can alter your state of mind once you know your own tools.


so how does one go about altering theyr life by altering their state of mind. think about it. what to people living their dreams have in common? it is not brains, or roch parents. neither can give you happuiness. what you think gives you happiness. altering your life does not have to mean getting rich, or famous or moveing to your favourite country. it means enjoying each moment, each day and acccepting everything as it unfolds. that is an altered life. some of the happiest people i know are not rich or famous. the rich man is the not the one who has the most but needs the least. a state of mind that says i am grateful for everything i have and i make the most of everything that comes my way, will need the least.


sobecome aware of your state of mind. joy is now. no future moment will be better than this one unless you are judging all moments. look for the good in every moment if you ahve to judge. look for the good in everything you see. it’s fun. it is so easy to do teh opposite. the law of attrction says you will get more of what you think about. so if somethone large goes past, think instead, what amazing hair or nails she has (they often take care of the things they can control).. if someone you dislike walks past, think about any aspect of them that is appealing. you will think you are having a great day, filled with so much good stuff, – nice hair, a great laugh, a nice colour shirt, crisp air. if that isn’t altering your life and surrounding yourself with nothing but good, using your state of mind, i don’t know what is!